I have always enjoyed working with materials which have their own character and power and aren’t easy to control. I paint with Indian ink,
self-made iron gall ink and watercolors on paper, and at the same time, doing stone printing and paper making.
Each picture is an intense and dynamic interaction with water, ink and paper or stone.
The brush follows the rhythm of the breath, and every stroke embodies a statement. An important aspect of my work process
is rethinking the Chinese Calligraphy and ink painting, since these methods of fine arts have been specified by a long tradition of
expression within a single line or a brush stroke.

I question cultural products, origins, ethos and worldviews. By abstracting, decorating or deforming I give objects human
character traits and bring them into discussion with each other.My works show artefacts from past cultures, mainly dug out of the soils
of Bulgaria and other Balkan countries. These objects from Neolithic era evoke memories, metaphorical or sentimental associations.
Despite their geographic, temporal and cultural differences, they correspond with each other and embody an essential striving —
mankind’s desire to leave a mark that will endure over time and create images, with which one can identify.

04.11.1995 – Shumen, Bulgaria
since 2021 Maister student in Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden (Prof. Ralf Kerbach), DE
2015 – 2021 Diploma in Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden (Prof. Ralf Kerbach), DE

member of the International Association of Paper Makers and Paper Artist (IAPMA)
co-funder of exhibition projects Pressure me, Dresden, DE

artworks in the archive of Künstlerhaus München and Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Dresden


2023 Scholarship for Art Residency, Kunstverein Röderhof, Röderhof, DE
2023 Art Residency, Papierwerk Glockenbach, München, DE
2023 Scholarship for Art Residency, Stone Printing Studio at Künstlerhaus München, DE
2023 Prize for Bulgarian Artist, AMATERAS International competition for Paper Art, Sofia, BG
2022 scholarship for Artistic Research Project EU4ART_differences, HfBK Dresden

Further Contributions and Participations:
2023 Hands of Perception, contribution at the A.Re Days, Aba Roma, IT
2022 History of the Stone Printing Workshop at HfBK Dresden,International Symposium of Lithography, Tidaholm, SWE
2019 Art Summer School, Mariz, CZE
2019 International Symposium of Contemporary Lithography, Litomerice, Ústí nad Labem, CZE


Solo Exhibitions:
2023 Baustelle in München, Workshop for Stone Printing, Künstlerhaus München, DE
2020 Harvest Moon, Full Moon Gallery, Dresden, DE

Group Shows:
2023 Cliffhanger, Künstlerhaus Dortmund (DE)
2023 Paper Alive, International Paper Congress of IAPMADresden (DE)
2023 Steinbruch, Kunstverein der Stadt Glauchau Art Gluchove, Glauchau (DE)
2023 Deajan International Art Show (KOR)
2022 Speed Dating, Beaux-Arts de Paris (FR), Motorenhalle Dresden (DE)
2022 Transit city, Opava Cultural Ogranization- ART HOUSE (OKO), Opava
2021 .UM, Meisterschüler:innen der Klasse Ralf Kerbach, Städtische Galerie im Park, Viersen, DE
2021 Diplomausstellung 2021 , Oktogon HfBK Dresden, DE
2021 Besetzung, Breitscheidstraße 78, 01237 Dresden, DE
2020 Prospektive, Fachklasse Kerbach HfBK Dresden und Fachbereich Richter AdbK Wien, Dresden, DE
2019 Prospektive, Fachklasse Kerbach HfBK Dresden und Fachbereich Richter AdbK Wien, Wien, AUT
2018 Touch and Kiss, Faculty for Fine Arts, Veliko Tyrnovo, BG
2018 SMS: Sprösslinge Mit Spass Exhibition Kerbachklasse, Stadtgalerie Radebeul, DE
2018 Dresden Export Project , Gallery Saigon, Ostrava, CZE
2017 The Cold East, Künstlermesse Dresden, DE
2016 Temporary balance – permanent quakes Gabrovo, BG