The passion of working with paper

The passion of working with paper

Painting on paper with ink and watercolors has been a great adventure since my school years. Although playing with the balance between water and color lit up my passion for drawing and painting, sometimes it was just because of the paper itself. This material carries a temperament just like a human being. Different types of paper have a wide range of absorbency, structure, plasticity, and transparency. All these properties together form the character of a single sheet, which can pull a watercolor painting in a wholly unexpected direction. A persistent observation was needed to start! Getting to know this material better and better, became part of my mission. This is how within the artistic practice my journey of paper began.

Paper, along with brushes and color, became a trusted companion in my development as an artist. I started to test all different kinds of paper and their reaction to water and color or ink. My works are mainly on rice paper and watercolor paper with different thicknesses, grids, and ingredients. The research of their characteristics and peculiarities, while painting and drawing, dragged me deeper and deeper into my passion for paper. One day  I asked myself Why not start making paper on my own?

The combination of different pulps like Kozo, Banana, Abaka, Linters, and Flachs opened the door to experimentation. A new chapter of my work as an artist was revealed.

Photo credits: Sven Claus, Fides Linien


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